Covid Posters

Series of posters produced during spring lockdown. More to come?


Rasgueado, Rasgueo or Rasgeo in Andalusian dialect and flamencojargon, or even occasionally Rasqueado) is a guitar


During the quarantine I designed few posters on the current state of my mind. Happy

Univerza Sans

Available at TYPE SALON.  Univerza Sans is hybrid between humanist and geometric sans, inspired by Slovenian

Precise type sketching

Majority of my sketches include random & abstract letter shapes grown in my head. Rarely

What are your beliefs?

I got an opportunity for exhibiting the latest updates on Alica type family- added Cyrillic

KIT ARA poster

I designed this poster for the cycle of three guitar concerts named Kitara. The word

Lalla Fatima branding

Lalla Fatima is a boutique shop located in Berlin, selling Moroccan handmade accessories. The logotype

To sem jaz (this is me)

To sem jaz is a non-profit organization supporting children with autism disorders in their families,

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