Univerza Sans

Available at TYPE SALON.  Univerza Sans is hybrid between humanist and geometric sans, inspired by Slovenian

Precise type sketching

Majority of my sketches include random & abstract letter shapes grown in my head. Rarely

What are your beliefs?

I got an opportunity for exhibiting the latest updates on Alica type family- added Cyrillic

KIT ARA poster

I designed this poster for the cycle of three guitar concerts named Kitara. The word

Lalla Fatima branding

Lalla Fatima is a boutique shop located in Berlin, selling Moroccan handmade accessories. The logotype

To sem jaz (this is me)

To sem jaz is a non-profit organization supporting children with autism disorders in their families,

Sign Painting Workshop

Tipo Brda summer Sign Painting workshop with guest mentor Copenhagen Sings. As part of Tipo Brda organization I

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