Brumen Award and Recognitions for the excelent Slovenian design (award)

Univerza Sans has been awarded as the best project in typeface design category and has recieved the Brumen award. The Brumen Biennial is a two-year overview of the best works in Slovenian visual communications.


Award justification:

If a logo is your signature, then your typeface is your handwriting. Taking its cues from the building itself, the beautifully crafted and executed typeface enables a variety of uses for an institution as big as the University of Ljubljana. Having its own typeface would be a truly commendable step on the institution’s behalf. A huge variety of glyphs and symbols would be indispensable should it become widely used over the coming years. While the project is only partially realised, we encourage the University of Ljubljana to adopt this excellent custom-made typeface.



An independent jury of international specialists in the field of design have recignised our projects Plecnik and Spektra as excellent Slovenian design.