Calligraphy experiments

During the summer ’17 I worked as graphic designer in design agency in Ljubljana. While working there I realized how muc

Sign Painting Workshop

Tipo Brda summer Sign Painting workshop with guest mentor Copenhagen Sings. As part of Tipo Brda organization I (and

Alica Display Typeface


LB lettering

My first lettering project for a client. I am so happy to get the opportunity for designing logotype where I could work on my

Type Days Ljubljana 2017 (as organizer)

Type Days Ljubljana 2017 was 31th TipoBrda‘s type design workshop. TipoBrda is Slovenian society working and organizing

Type Days Ljubljana 2017 (as participant)

I participated in one-week long type design workshop for 4 years in a row that was organised by Tipo Brda, Slovenia. Day 1:

Master’s thesis: Theory of the Stroke in Designing Non-Latin Typefaces

Abstract: One of the results of globalisation of our world is increasing awareness of other cultures, which can be noticed in

digital N

February 8th is for Slovenia day of culture. It is day free of work all the museums and galleries are open for public wit


If I try to translate pun Tipo_čvek – Typo chit chat. While I was living in Berlin, I often attended typographic meetin

dormitory XIV

Since I live in dormitory in Ljubljana, president of the block asked me to design t-shirt, which would represent our dormitor

handmade BC

Made myself business cards with the help of wooden letter press. Front page is designed with letters from Alica slab. For back

Villa Artemida

I am so thankful for fresh opportunity I got last weekend. I photoshoot event at Villa Artemida, institution found with the

alica slab

Modern slab serif typeface, with large apertures and x-height. Comes in 8 weights.


I was curious what happens when having two rectangles and two circles, different sizes. I took color and press the shapes into

praz italic specimens

Praz italic typeface specimens, printed with letterpress + handmade binding. Mentors: Domen Fras & Marko Drpić.

3 alternatives

I was playing with three different approaches to paste inktraps into letter M.  

wooden letters

Few glyphs from typeface Praz italic were engraved in pear wood. By using a roller, I aplied beautiful red color to the wood s


Drawing letters taught me how to be precise in small details. I know that has been my small weakness from childhood, but with


Slovenj GUIDEc was made in collaboration with my friend, Metka Bačar. Brochure is guide throught the adventures of town Slo

Maks Fabiani Anniversary

Poster/folded brochure with events under the 150th anniversary Maks Fabiani’s birth, great Slovenien architecture.