Pangramme : learning type design

My typeface Alica display italic was  part of the Pangramme international student type exhibition at Lorraine Fine Art Schoo

TipoBrda workshop 2|16

I was part of winter 29th Tipo Brda workshop in Ljubljana. First two days we put focus on double pencil sketching, other 3 day

my 1st #typotalk

I was invited by co-working place Kreativna Zadruga to talk a little something about my letters, spacially Alica type family.

dormitory XIV

Since I live in dormitory in Ljubljana, president of the block asked me to design t-shirt, which would represent our dormitor

handmade BC

Made myself business cards with the help of wooden letter press. Front page is designed with letters from Alica slab. For back

Villa Artemida

I am so thankful for fresh opportunity I got last weekend. I photoshoot event at Villa Artemida, institution found with the

alica display italic

Finally found … not found, but took! some extra time for drawing new font from collection of Alica slab family. Mean co

alica slab

Modern slab serif typeface, with large apertures and x-height. Comes in 8 weights.

praz italic specimens

Praz italic typeface specimens, printed with letterpress + handmade binding. Mentors: Domen Fras & Marko Drpić.

3 alternatives

I was playing with three different approaches to paste inktraps into letter M.  

wooden letters

Few glyphs from typeface Praz italic were engraved in pear wood. By using a roller, I aplied beautiful red color to the wood s


Drawing letters taught me how to be precise in small details. I know that has been my small weakness from childhood, but with

sketches + calligraphy + lettering

This post serves me as a sketchpad of my latest handcraft makings, created with help of different pens and nibs.


Slovenj GUIDEc was made in collaboration with my friend, Metka Bačar. Brochure is guide throught the adventures of town Slo

Maks Fabiani Anniversary

Poster/folded brochure with events under the 150th anniversary Maks Fabiani’s birth, great Slovenien architecture.


Created on the walk from the city center to home, on Erjavčeva cesta. Pattern made from combination of shadows and windows. &

before the morning sun

One december’s morning while I was at home in Slovenj Gradec, early morning’s sun woke me up! It was quite amazing

OH fifteen

At the end of 14th, I made special gifts for my special friends. Calendar. Final idea came to my mind one december’s e


Analogue photography. Attractive. Each photo I make with the help of the film, is the story for themselves. I can only make


Few memos from Valencia, Spain, summer14. Me and my friend  flew to this super stylish city with no plan. That was probably t