Shots, film festival 2023 (poster design)

I designed a poster for Shots, a short film festival located in my hometown, Slovenj Gradec. I was thrilled to receive the invitation to design the visuals. Slovenj Gradec is a town in northern Slovenia that feels distant from the central happenings. The Shots festival contributes to the community, every year receives more and more visitors therefore I was excited to make my contribution.

With designed visuals I wanted to represent two words: “shot” and “short”. The central element of poster is illustrated gesture we make ¬†when indicating the length of a coffee or the amount of brandy in a shot. With vibrant colors and expressive typography, my aim was to present the intensity and impact of short films. Using my typeface Spektra tekst (will be publish at Type Salon soon).

Unfortunately, heavy rains resulting in floods interrupted the film festival, I hope that there will opportunity to organize it next year.