Precise type sketching

Majority of my sketches include random & abstract letter shapes grown in my head. Rarely I am sketching the existing

Arabic Type Design Beirut

I have attended the Arabic Type Design 2019 workshop in Beirut.The intesive 2 weeks long workshop was led by Kristyan


If I try to translate pun Tipo_čvek - Typo chit chat. While I was living in Berlin, I often attended typographic

Pangramme : learning type design

My typeface Alica display italic was  part of the Pangramme international student type exhibition at Lorraine Fine Art School in Metz,

TipoBrda Workshop 2|16

I was part of winter 29th Tipo Brda workshop in Ljubljana. First two days we put focus on double pencil

my 1st #typotalk

I was invited by co-working place Kreativna Zadruga to talk a little something about my letters, spacially Alica type family.

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