If I try to translate pun Tipo_čvek – Typo chit chat.

While I was living in Berlin, I often attended typographic meetings, called Typostammtisch. It is group of people (some could find it nerdy) with high interest in typography. This is were I got inspired for an event called Tipo_čvek. When coming back to Ljubljana, I had wish to contribute with my knowledge somehow in Slovenia as well. I am really happy to meet girl Krista, who has the same crazy typographic ideas as I do. We developed concept for our event and Tipo_čvek was the first one. We invite 6 people, who are working in different fields of design, the subject that linked them together were letters: calligraphy, type design, typography & letterpress. Each of them got 7 min 30 s to present their work thought the eyes of typography. Event was located in nice place called Pritličje, in the centre of Ljubljana.

Krista designed posters, typeface that she used was mine Alica.


 _82A6058  _82A6066