Calligraphy experiments

During the summer ’17 I worked as graphic designer in design agency in Ljubljana. While working there I realized how much I miss type design and letters so I took a great opportunity, moved to London and start as intern in Dalton Maag. First week of an internship I was working on my calligraphy. Calligraphy is the base for type design so I didn’t mind to work on it and developing my practice. Having the whole day only for calligraphy brought some experimental ideas into my parallel pen.

Roman Capitals where I added detail with stencil serifs.

Caroline minuscule and my stencil version of caroline minuscule.

Humanist hand

Firstly playing with stencil version

Secondly, I rotate horizontal angle of the pen for 90 degrees and came to reversed contrast. Having the same movements. of the pen as at horizontal angle.

Foundational hand

High contrast

Reversed contrast II 

with wider pen and more smooth terminals.


Reversed contrast italic with stress on the base line.