SPEKTRA multi-script type family

The idea behind the Spektra type family was born during the covid-19 pandemic. Krista Likar and me (founder of Type Salon) were locked down in a separate rural locations in Slovenia so we needed to figure out a way to be creative in our own spaces. A lot of submitted projects were canceled so that gave us the option to work on new typefaces. 

Being inside in a small space and not being able to go out, made us think about the world we live in. How diversity of cultures, ideas, religions, races contribute to every day, to every person. Our native language uses Latin script so we initiated the development on Latin typeface. The style we set for the letter shapes was chosen with consideration and regard to other scripts. Low contrast and bold shapes presented a challenge for developing Arabic letter shapes, where calligraphy is a very important aspect of design. Next steps were Cyrillic, Greek and Hebrew script.

In Slovenia, quarantine brought new emotions to the people and spread the idea of raising the voice and standing out for our rights. As protests started to expand in other countries too, we felt that Spektra could be a representative letter shape of the current state. 

We also added variable slant for exposing the written voice on display sizes. 


Spektra is available for purchase at Type Salon, Type TodayMyfonts and Youworkforthem. For free trials send us an email: info@type-salon.com